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All Pepika Amigurumi Patterns

Special Deal - All Pepika Amigurumi Patterns

Get all Pepika patterns for a discounted price. You'll save 63.00 dollars and get the following patterns:

Mama and Baby Owl
Happy Cow
Little Pig
Whales Set
Vicky - Amigurumi Doll
Little Bear
Bear and Bunny Box
Bunny and Chick in an Egg Shell
Miss Dragon
Miss Turtle
Sailor Octopus
Mr. Coffee and Miss Cupcake
Spanky the Cat
Cloudy the Lamb
Hogar the Moose
Rhinka the Rhino
Frosty the Snowman and Christmas Tree
Lisa the Fox
Johnny the Monkey
Baby Devil
Santa Claus
Peachy Rose the Unicorn
Simon the Squirrel
George the Giraffe
Daisy the Flower
Fred the Frog
Emily the Elephant
Amanita the Mushroom

Each pattern is a PDF document illustrated with lots of images to help you finish your doll.

Body parts are worked crocheting in rounds, without joining. Please, see individual pattern listing for more information.

Price: $84.00


Amigurumi Snail
Amigurumi Owls Pattern
Amigurumi Cow

Amigurumi Pig
Amigurumi Whales
Amigurumi Doll
Amigurumi Bear
Amigurumi Fawn
Amigurumi Bear and Bunny Box
Amigurumi Bunny
Amigurumi Miss Turtle
Amigurumi Sailor Octopus
Amigurumi Cat
Amigurumi Lamb
Hogar the Moose
Rhinka the Rhino
Amigurumi Snowman
Amigurumi Fox
Amigurumi Monkey
Amigurumi Baby Devil
Amigurumi Santa Claus
Amigurumi Unicorn
Amigurumi Squirrel
Amigurumi Giraffe
Amigurumi Flower
Amigurumi Frog
Amigurumi Elehant
Amigurumi Mushroom


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